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Let us help you find your next star intern!

AllSTEM Connections is fast becoming the greatest resource for intern placement in the nation. Through our innovative programs, AllSTEM Connections has partnered with universities, private colleges, and community colleges to give the next generation of professionals a chance to gain valuable experience in their prospective fields before they graduate. We want to connect you with this talent.

Our Internship Services are designed to make finding, hiring, and hosting an intern as easy as possible. Whether you are looking for multiple interns that can receive on-the-job training while helping you conquer your busiest season or if you want to develop the talent that will take your company into the future, we have you covered!

What we offer

Our goal isn’t just to give you access to more candidates, but to give you a full-service experience that will help the internship run smoothly. This includes:

Intern Placement

Skip the time-consuming and expensive intern search and leave it to us! We will use our partnerships with local colleges to provide you with interns who are motivated and ready to go, all at a affordable rate.

Intern Payrolling

Adding an additional person to your payroll can mean a mountain of paperwork and additional time that your team may not have. When you engage an intern through our AllSTEM Connections program and college partnerships, AllSTEM Connections handles their payroll* so you can avoid the headaches – and compliance risks – that come with hiring on your own.

*Payroll services include processing payroll, expense processing, record keeping, tax filing, and W2 distribution.

College Pipeline

Through access to a largely untapped candidate pool, AllSTEM Connections ensures a steady pipeline of exceptional candidates by sourcing top talent from local learning institutions. In addition to quickly and cost-effectively filling productivity gaps, AllSTEM Connections gives employers the best of all worlds with ‘try-before-you-buy’ flexibility and optimized employee engagement and retention.

Whether you need one person, or hundreds, AllSTEM Connections offers hiring programs and options that work for your business. Below, you’ll find our core hiring programs:

The Direct Hire Program

Our client companies use this program to find top performers to fill crucial roles in their businesses. AllSTEM Connections has been providing Direct Hire recruitment for many years and it remains a cornerstone of our unmatched expertise.

The Temp-To-Hire Program

When you need to bring someone on immediately, but also have to mitigate your risk, we suggest our Temp-to-Hire program. Evaluate how a placement works with your team and within your company culture, while on our payroll. We combine the speed and flexibility of our Temporary staffing services with the power of our Direct Hire recruitment services.

The Temporary Program

Temporary or Contract staffing provides you with fast help when you need it for as long as you need it. Maintain your productivity in any situation through contingent workers, and mitigate the costs and risks typically associated with full-time headcount.

How Can We Help Fill Your Positions?
Connecting Smart Employers with Educated Talent

With talent demand continuing to outpace supply, 68% of employers have changed their hiring process to stay competitive. Our innovative internship program was created to put our clients ahead.

Our innovative internship program was designed to provide students, recent graduates, and alumni with practical tools to launch their careers. AllSTEM Connections does more than help students and alumni find a new job, it prepares them to excel in today’s complex global workforce through interview and career coaching with our on-site hiring advisors, customized workshops and seminars, and access to fresh, unadvertised job openings.

AllSTEM Connections has been building relationships with the world’s employers through exceptional service and results. This global reputation for excellence has made us the partner-of-choice for companies of all sizes looking to add top talent to their teams.

Why Hire Grads:
5 Reasons to Hire Students, Recent Graduates, and Alumni

  1. More Affordable – On an average, employing fresh graduates costs 20–40% less than more experienced candidates.
  2. Tech Savvy – Majority are digital natives who seamlessly adapt to ever evolving technology.
  3. Fresh Perspective – Most universities emphasize the importance of innovation, and looking at situations with fresh, critical eyes.
  4. Enthusiastic Adaptability – Fresh graduates are often eager to learn and extremely determined to prove themselves.
  5. Future Leaders – Smart companies know to engage promising MVPs as they grow and advance in their careers.

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